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2023/2024 Dress Code

Listed are all approved items that may be worn by students enrolled in Vidalia City Schools.

General Guidelines

• Clothing or accessories that depict inappropriate messages of any kind, to include, but not limited to, violence, gambling, gangs, prejudice, racism, sexual innuendoes, political messages, alcohol, drugs, and/ or tobacco are not allowed.

• Clothing that is disrup tive or distracting to the learning environment is not allowed.

• No clothing may draw at tention to the anatomical parts.

• Proper undergarments must be worn at all times and must not be visible.

• Clothing must be worn on the correct side.

• No bandana print on any clothing or accessories.

• Midris are not allowed to be visible at any time.


• All tops must be solid in cluding no writing and no pictures.

• Clothing brand logos must be smaller than 2 inches.

• All tops must be Vidalia City dress code colors: maroon, gold, black, white, or gray.

• Tops and bo(oms must be contrasting colors.

• Undershirts must be ma roon, gold, black, white or gray with no wording or pictures.

• Shirts must be collared, polo-style, button up, or crewneck shirt with short or long sleeves.

• Crewneck shirts must be around the base of the neck.

• (e base shirt (shirt that touches the skin first) MUST be around the base of the neck.

• Shirts that bu(on up the front must have attached collar (see above).

• Only the top two bu(ons can be unbuttoned and must be within three inches from the top of the placket.

• Shirt length must reach past the waistband, but within the student’s arm length.

• No hoodies are allowed.

• Vidalia City Schools' spir it wear is allowed as long as it is dress code color and dress code shirt style (collared, polo, button up, or crewneck) (see examples below). Spirit wear hoodies are not allowed.


• All bo(oms (pants, shorts, skirts, capris) must be appropriate size and solid dress code color: Denim, Black, Gray, Khaki., or Maroon.

• All shorts, pants, and skirts must be denim (includes black or white) or khaki/chino style button up. No athletic pants or shorts are allowed, with the exception of JD Dickerson Primary students. Due to developmental needs of these students, athletic pants and shorts will be allowed.

• All bo(oms must be with out frays or holes.

• All bo(oms must be with out words or pictures.

• All bo(oms must, at mini mum, touch the top of the knee when standing and pants at appropriate waistline.

• Tights must be solid (no fishnet) black, gray, or khaki and can only be worn under approved bottoms.


• Must be a solid Vidalia City dress code color (maroon, gold, black, white, or gray).

• Must, at minimum, touch the knee when standing up.


• Student can wear their choice of outerwear to and from school. However, any outwear worn inside the building must follow dress code policy described below.

• Jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters worn during the school day must be solid Vidalia City dress code colors (maroon, gold, black, white, gray, or blue denim) or “spirit” outerwear. No hooded sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, or spirit wear is allowed.

• Trench coats are not al lowed at any time – before, during, or after school.


• Bare feet, slippers, bed room shoes, or cleats will not be allowed.

• Shoes with shoelaces must be tied. Shoes with Velcro must be fastened.

• Sandals with a back and open toed shoes are allowed – Slippers, athletic slides, and flip flops are not permitted.

Headgear/Jewelry/ Accessories • Headgear wider than two inches may not be worn in the building unless for a special day designated by the school. Headgear includes, but is not limited to, hats, beanies, bandanas, scarves, shower caps, and bonnets.

grooming items.

skin is not allowed.

• No clothing accessories or jewelry with spikes or protruding studs are allowed and no chains hanging from clothing or pockets are allowed.

• No objects should be at tached to clothing unless school related (ribbons, buttons, towels, etc…).

• Items, accessories, and tattoos that signify or are related to gangs, gang membership, or gang activity or are disruptive to school safety and discipline are prohibited and are required to be covered.

• Items, accessories, and tattoos that contain vulgarity, political advertisement, sexual innuendos, tobacco products, alcoholic products, firearms, or illegal substances are prohibited and are required to be covered.

• Earrings and studded nose rings are allowed. All other piercings must be covered or removed while on campus.

Any accommodation for dress code due to medical issues will require a doctor’s note and communication with the school nurse.

Any student requiring accommodation for dress code due to religious affiliation must file for variance with administration. Administration has the right to make adjustments to the dress code for the benefit of students and/or for safety.

• No writing or pictures allowed on headgear with the exception of the brand logo.

• Hair must be free of all • Body paint or writing on

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