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Toombs County Planning to Roll Back Millage Rate

The Toombs County Commission, which met for a regular session on August 17, voted unanimously to lower the millage rate to 8.469 in a called meeting on September 2. This lowering of the millage rate will account for the rise in property values that is currently occurring in the area. The 2020 digest of real estate in Toombs County totaled $646,165,300 while the 2021 digest rose to $685,055,172. Personal property values rose $3 million, and motor vehicle values shifted from almost $6 million to $10 million. Because of this increase in values, the millage rate is rolled back from 8.631 to 8.469. A total of 1.0 mills of the millage rate tax will go to the Toombs County Development Authority for continued economic development. During the called meeting, the Commission also approved the millage rate regarding the Board of Education for taxes to fund the school; this millage rate is 14.612.

Regular Meeting

Commissioners also approved the request for the closure of Wilson Cook Road to continue the process leading up to closure. The original request to close the road was submitted by email on July 13 by Dexter Stanford. The road is a short, dead-end road in the southern region of the county with only one other adjacent property owner, with whom Stanford discussed this action before making the request. Adjacent property owners and the public will now be notified through letters and a sign at the location of the road; concerned citizens may share their input at the public hearing, which will be held 30 minutes prior to the next commission meeting on September 21. The Commission approved a six-year leasing contract with State Properties for Juvenile Justice. This building is located near Lyons First Baptist Church and is commonly referred to by county officials as the building for “human resources.” The space needed some repairs, which the Commission agreed to make in exchange for an increase in rental rate. These repairs will cost $25,000; the rental rate is $2,600 a month. The bid for projects for the 2021 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) was approved unanimously by commissioners. This bid was awarded to the lowest quote, which came from McLendon Enterprises. The LMIG projects include repaving of Ben Roy McLendon Road, repaving a portion of C.V. Mosely Road and $151,000 of minor repair work on various roads, which totals $681,449.02.

Commissioners voted to declare four trucks and one car from the Sheriff’s Department as excess property that will now be either transferred to other departments for use or sold using a sealed bid. The purchase of three trucks for the Public Works Department was also approved by the Commission. These trucks will come from the state contractor, and total $109,435, which will be paid for using SPLOST. The replaced trucks will go to the landfill, where they may continue to be used.

“Because of the current situation throughout the world, we are well aware that these trucks may not be received until next year,” Chairman David Sikes said. “However, it is best to go ahead and get our place in line to ensure we do get them.”

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