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Vidalia Heritage Academy Pre School Dress Code

Children should be dressed in comfortable play clothes. Be aware that pre school activities such as art and snack may cause cloth ing to become soiled. All outerwear and accessories should be labeled with the child’s name. Please avoid overalls, belts, and clothing with snaps or straps which can cause frustration for young children when de- veloping toileting skills.

For safety reasons, children must wear tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes that strap to the heel. NO BOOTS, BALLET SHOES, FLIP-FLOPS, JELLIES, CLOGS, OPEN-HEEL SHOES, OR MOUNTAIN BOOTS MAY BE WORN.

Shorts or leggings should be worn under- neath skirts or dresses.

All children will need to bring a change of clothes in a labeled gallon-sized storage bag to leave at school (socks and under wear included.)

K3 and K4 students will be required to wear a Spirit Shirt on Chapel Days. Shirts will be available for purchase through


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