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ions of what they would like to see different about professional licensing. He also thanked Senator Blake Tillery of Vidalia for his work in the State Senate Appropriations Committee to help raise funding for further expertise for the Professional Licensing Board. “We are very grateful for Senator Tillery, the General Assembly, and the Governor for funding us for three additional analysts on the Professional Licensing Board,” he commented.

Raffensperger also shared that during his time as Secretary of State, the number of corporations in the state has increased tremendously. “If you watched the TV stations in 2020 during Covid, you thought, ‘Wow, this is really, really bleak. This recession is going to turn into a depression.’ Yet, in 2020, in the middle of Covid, we had new record formations. More new corporations were formed in 2020 than any other year up until then. Then, coming out of covid, 2021 was another record year,” he emphasized.

In these years, Raffensperger changed the longevity of a corporation licensing from one-year licenses to two-year and three-year licenses, which he said has been utilized by most of the corporations within the state.

Raffensperger closed his presentation by explaining that a new priority of the state government is to provide a competency in financial literacy and civics to Georgia high school students, and that he has contacted the State Superintendent of Schools to aid in the cause.

He finished the event with a question and answer segment, which included his thoughts on the transition of elections from the Probate Courts to Board of Elections, the future of politics, and more.

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