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Thirty-Eighth Annual Wheeler County FFA/4-H Market Hog Show

Thirty-Eighth Annual Wheeler County FFA/4-H Market Hog Show
Grand Champion Zoey Vann
Thirty-Eighth Annual Wheeler County FFA/4-H Market Hog Show
Grand Champion Zoey Vann

Seventeen FFA and 4-H members participated in the 38th Annual Wheeler County Market Hog Show on Saturday, February 18. The show was held at the new agriculture facility in Alamo. There were 37 entries this year, and the hogs had to weigh between 220 to 280 pounds to qualify for the show.

The exhibitors participating this year were Remington Bateson, Jase and Jebb Brown, Clay Ryals, Layla Vann, Layton Spires, Anna Beth Ethredge, Zoey Vann, Keaton Pickle, Jaxson Derriso, Weston Pickle, Molly Bridges, Briley Rowland, Aaron and Katie Rose Hammock, and Randi and Addaline Phillips. The project Advisors were Bryant Oliver and Les Bateson, Wheeler County High School Agriculture Education teachers, and Hannah Henry, Wheeler County Middle School Agriculture Education teacher. Neal Clark served as the master of ceremonies, and Mr. Garry Childs judged this year’s market hog show.

Zoey Vann won Grand Champion Market Hog with her 275 lb. Duroc gilt, and Jase Brown received Reserve Champion with his 280 lb. gilt. Keaton Pickle won 3rd Overall with his 234 lb. barrow. Layla Vann received 4th Overall with her 223 lb. barrow, and Jaxson Derriso won 5th Overall with his 265 lb. barrow.

Showmanship is also a big part of this show. The participants were judged on how well they presented their hogs to the judge. Preparation included washing, clipping, grooming, walking, and training their animal. Five Pre-Club members showed in the first class of showmanship, where Remington Bateson won first place. Layla Vann won Novice Showmanship, and the winner of Junior Showmanship was Layton Spires. Zoey Vann was the winner of Intermediate Showmanship class, and Weston Pickle won Senior Showmanship.

Seven participants had an entry in the record book contest. The participants kept up with all of their livestock project expenses and wrote a summary of what they learned. The 4-H/FFA Market Hog Record Book top three were first place Anna Beth Ethredge, second place was Jaxson Derriso, and third place was Zoey Vann.

All of the 4-H/ FFA members will travel to Perry to compete in the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show held on February 22 – 25.

Many Individuals played an important role in making the market hog show a success. The FFA/4-H parents sponsored the show with the guidance of Mr. Oliver, Mr. Bateson and Ms. Henry, and Mrs. Nicole Thornton, 4-H Agent. Many local businesses made contributions to the show. South GA Tools of Alamo sponsored the Grand Champion, Wheeler County State Bank sponsored the Reserve Champion, the 3rd overall market hog was sponsored by Avery Farms, fourth over was sponsored by Locke Logging, Wheeler County Farm Bureau and 3D Farms. Triple H Land Clearing, and Trane sponsored the 5th overall market hog award.

The “Boss Hog Award” was presented to the 4-H/ FFA participants who collected the most donations for the show. This year Jaxson Derriso won the award, and Molly Bridges came in second place.

The 4-H and FFA organizations would like to thank all of the people who helped make this year’s show a success.

Reserve Champion Jase Brown

3rd Overall Keaton Pickle

4th Overall Layla Vann

5th Overall Jaxson Derriso

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