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Teachable Moment

the Teachable Moment

Why do Members of Congress need Term Limits?

Members of Congress were originally elected from the general population of landowners, farmers, and professional workers. They were a part of the working public, and they had a background in business and society and so knew what laws were needed to keep improving the country as its needs changed. They were expected to work a few months each year for a few years away from their business and then go back to their professions and allow others to contribute to running the country.

Today many lawmakers view their political position as a lifelong career and not a temporary assignment.

Instead of focusing on the important issues of the country, they spend much of their time socializing with the most wealthy and influential powermongers to raise money for their reelection campaigns, which has often resulted in corruption. They lose touch with the needs of the common people. Placing term limits would prevent them from becoming too alienated from their constituents and would place their focus back on the best governmental policies for the country.

Congress has a number of members who are in their 80s, many in their 70s, some having actually served more than 40 years in Congress. There is a mandatory retirement age for most important positions in public and private businesses for a good reason. Aging affects of all us, and our leaders should be able to give their very best for their country and not cling to a position of power when they are no longer really capable. This is a serious matter for people who are making laws for an entire country of millions of people.

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