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— with maximum, enforced stealth, with secrecy — to subvert the country’s core immigration laws.

It was hard to believe that could be happening. But it is happening. The Pentagon has confirmed it to us. Spokesman Chris Mitchell described the flights as a “noncitizen movement,” part of what he called “the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission.”

He told us then to direct any further questions to ICE. So we did. We called ICE, multiple times in fact. ICE did not deny they were using Laughlin Air Force Base to relocate foreign nationals in large numbers into the interior of our country and do it secretly. The question is: where are these people going? Several times, ICE promised us additional details. But in the end, we never heard back.

*ICE later confirmed this report to be accurate. You can see their response below: Apparently, Americans don’t have a right to know where foreign nationals are being resettled in their own country. We do know, thanks to the Center for Immigration Studies, that the Biden administration has been sending illegal migrants all over the country for some time now. What’s happening most of the time is that they’re boarding buses and heading into America’s heartland.

A conveyor belt of commercial and charter buses just like this one out of Del Rio, Texas. are carrying tens of thousands sight unseen from Texas, Arizona, and California borderlands northward and they’re dropping Haitian, Venezuelan, Cuban and Central American family units in Florida, New Jersey, Tennesee, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Houston.

Changing the electoral map, are we? Serving the businesses that paid for you to get elected, are we? Yes, we are.

Americans have been duped by their own government in order to expedite the coming of a One World Globalist Government, which will most likely be located in China.

The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) will then have complete power and control over America because they own almost every Member of Congress in Washington, DC! Respectfully and with great sadness, Daniel Reeves U.S. Air Force Veteran

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