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Wheeler County Schools Launching “The Tutor Shop” After-School Program

Developing an afterschool program has been a Wheeler County School System goal for several years, but district administrators knew that effective execution would require a great deal of funding. Lack of funds has been the primary obstacle, but now, thanks to federal ARP funding, the district has a vision for a successful after-school program and the funding to support it.

The district will be partnering with “The Tutor Shop” to provide individualized support for Wheeler County elementary students to ensure they are successful (and feel successful) in the classroom. “The Tutor Shop” employs only experienced educators, and they aim to maintain a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. Wheeler County School Superintendent Suzanne Couey said of the program, “Owners Terri and Hal Eisenberg have developed a truly unique and quality program whose philosophy aligns perfectly with Wheeler County School District’s vision, Every One a Leader, and mission, Inspire, Care, Support, Lead. I knew the first time I talked with them that they have the same passion for kids that we do.”

Terri Eisenberg lives in Fulton County and established “The Tutor Shop” there with her husband Hal Eisenberg 11 years ago, but she is a native of Toombs County and the daughter of the late Superior Court Judge Marvin Hartley. When asked about the program, Mrs. Eisenberg shared, “After dropping our son off at college, I turned to my husband and said, ‘I just wish we had been able to spend more time with him as a family instead of all those hours wrestling with homework and academics.’ And that is when the idea of “The Tutor Shop” was created.’ ” As a 30-year veteran teacher, Terri also understood that teachers often wish they had just a few more minutes at the end of each day to help a child. The Tutor Shop provides those extra minutes.

Now, after helping over 5,000 students in the Atlanta area, “The Tutor Shop” is coming to Wheeler County Elementary School on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Their mission is to form long-lasting connections with their students and bring joy and encouragement to their lives by helping them succeed based on how they learn.

Utilizing the school’s curriculum, “The Tutor Shop” teachers will provide homework help, test review, standardized test support, organization and study skills, remedial and enrichment activities, and much more, all in a fun and supportive environment. Activities will also include community service projects to help students grow as leaders and Wheeler County citizens.

The Eisenbergs know that the key to a successful program is quality staff, so they will be working diligently in the coming weeks to find degreed teachers for the academicbased program that also develops relationships and citizenship. They hope to begin the program on September 7. Information on becoming a teacher for “The Tutor Shop” or enrolling students in the program can be found on the district and school web pages.

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