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ety and the United Negro College Fund and a member of the Atlanta Olympic Committee, he was a charter member of the Atlanta Sports Council. If that wasn’t enough, he sold real estate on the side, an astute businessman.

Under Jackie’s leadership the Atlanta Tipoff Club, expanded the Naismith Awards to the outstanding college basketball players in the nation, including women. He spoke at basketball clinics across the country— “have basketball diagrams, will travel.” Nobody has promoted the game of basketball more diligently and more successfully than this enterprising man. If an award were given for the Georgia individual who loves basketball the most, it would have to be fixed if Jackie didn’t win it.

Who is the beneficiary of all this? The boys and girls who matriculated at Greater Atlanta Christian and indirectly, all basketball players, coaches, and advocates in our state.

When a coach gives of himself to his kids, his constituency, and his community as Jackie Bradford has, there are no losers.

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