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Lyons Development Authority Sells Property to Truax Veneer

The Lyons Development Authority (LDA) sold a large tract of land to local sawmill Truax Veneer on September 26, to fulfill the duties listed in an Intergovernmental Agreement between the city administration of Lyons and LDA on April 5 of this year. The property was gifted to the city of Lyons by the Toombs County School System in 2021, with the understanding that the property or its profits would be used to further recreation within the community. This year, the City of Lyons transferred that same property to the LDA under the condition that $100,000 of the profits from the sale of property would be used to update Faison Park, located on Ben Mitchell Avenue, near the Toombs County Schools Bus Shop.

Truax Veneer, located at 248 Collins Road in Lyons, found the property to be beneficial for future development as they promised additional jobs and investment funding would come from the business’s growth.

“Truax Veneer is celebrating its 75th year of business in Lyons. Our employees are proud to be part of the City and admire our community’s can-do attitude, spiritual strength, and genuine friendship,” Truax Veneer President Andy Kimbell said regarding the purchase. “We believe this is the best town in the USA to do business and are thrilled to work with the Lyons Development Authority and the City to grow our operation.”

LDA Chairman George Powell shared similar excitement for the transaction. “I am excited to aid local businesses and create mechanisms that will continue to fuel the flame of growth in the area,” he commented.

Mayor Willis NeSmith Jr. spoke of his eagerness for the LDA’s work. “This Board is active and passionate about making the City a better place,” he emphasized. The Mayor also assured citizens that work is already beginning for the further enhancement of recreation within the city.

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