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they have enjoyed the light show every evening in the field just beyond their yard.

We’ve always enjoyed watching the lightning bugs, as well, and this year, thanks to the warm, muggy weather we’ve had in Northwest Georgia, we’ve had the pleasure of watching them for weeks. As the day begins to dim, they emerge in the forest and fields surrounding our property. They look like strings of twinkling whitegold lights on a Christmas tree, or the tiny glowing embers that blow upward from a campfire, or a swirl of magnificent stars that twinkle in the nighttime sky. When I was a child, I occasionally caught one or two fireflies in clear Mason jars to study as if I were some nerdy entomologist. It was like a Pinterest project before Pinterest even existed. To make a Do-It-Yourself Lantern, all you need is a glass container and two fireflies. Estimated project time: five minutes.

As I studied them, I learned that they illuminate the lower portions of their bodies to try to capture the attention of a mate. In the process, their flashy light display takes my breath away. Every summer, I catch a few in my hands and watch them for a few minutes to reclaim a little magic from my youth.

After discussing the fireflies with the new neighbors, we left. An hour later, I saw the fireflies begin their twinkling evening show just above the grassy field between our homes. As I watched from the hilltop, I knew that other eyes were watching them from below—watching with the same joy and excitement I experience. The wonder of nature is alive and well in the hearts and minds of our young neighbors, and that makes me happy.

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