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ISO Rating Update May Decrease Homeowners’ Insurance in Toombs

Homeowners in certain areas of Toombs County may be eligible to have their home insurance costs reduced as the Toombs County Fire Department and Toombs County Commission received an updated Insurance Service Office (ISO) evaluation. This evaluation determines the Public Protection Classification (PPC), which informs insurance agents how quickly the fire service can respond to the location in event of an emergency. The PPC is rated from 1-10, with 1 being the best possible fire coverage (and therefore, the lowest premiums) and 10 being the worst, as the fire suppression system is not effective in the area.

Previously, the structures within 5 miles of a Toombs County Fire Department station received a PPC 5 rating, while those further away received a PPC 10. Because of added operations at Station 2, located at 396 Cedar Crossing- Vidalia Road, and Station 11, located at 427 Laura Dixon Road, homeowners within 5 miles of these areas south of Vidalia and in the southeast section of Toombs have received a PPC 5 rather than a PPC 10.

“The areas that have now been incorporated into the lower PPC rating will see a substantial decrease in insurance premiums going to the PPC 5 rating. Some homeowners will see a 45-50% reduction in premiums,” Toombs County Fire Chief Johnny Moser commented. “If you are a resident in this added area, please contact your insurance provider.”

These new ratings take effect on July 1, but could potentially lower premiums now if the insurance policies are due for renewal before July 1; in this case, the insurance provider should be contacted as soon as possible.

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