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School COVID Numbers Down

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Montgomery County Schools returned to classroom instruction on September 20 after two weeks of virtual learning. Since this return, there has been a drastic decrease in the number of COVID cases within the school as the virus spread slows throughout the community.

On September 3, the district had 16 staff members who were COVIDpositive and 10 staff members quarantined. With this number of staff absent from campus the district administration chose to transition temporarily to virtual learning. Since the return to normal instruction, only two teachers are absent because of testing positive for COVID.

This change in COVID numbers is also seen throughout the Montgomery County Schools student population. On September 3, a total of 39 students were absent because of having COVID, and 157 students were in quarantine. Currently, there are no COVID cases amongst student population, and only 5 students remain quarantined.

On September 24, Toombs County Schools reported only 5 students within the district were COVID-positive. Also, no staff members currently have the illness.

Vidalia City Schools reported 5 students within the district are absent because of being COVIDpositive, while only one staff member is reported to have the virus.

Wheeler County Schools have no current COVID cases among the staff, and one current case among students. Currently, a total of 15 students are quarantined, but only 6 of these quarantines began within the last week, which were all because of a nonschool related close contact with COVID. Also, of these 15 students, 8 were reported to be eligible to return to school on September 27. Vidalia Heritage Academy remains COVID-free, as the school reports there are no positive cases or quarantines among staff or students.

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