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amount of electricity crypto mining uses. Large data centers are having an impact on Georgia’s power grid, as state lawmakers demonstrated this year when they passed legislation – subsequently vetoed by Gov. Brian Kemp – that would have temporarily suspended a tax break aimed at attracting more data centers to Georgia.

“We’ve built two (nuclear) reactors over at Plant Vogtle, and we’re using so much power, we’re going to have to build another one,” Houston said. “When we have to build another reactor, it’s going to be the taxpayers of this state who have to pay for it.”

Rep. Scott Hilton, RPeachtree Corners, who introduced this year’s cryptocurrency bill, said it is not at the top of his priority list for the 2025 General Assembly session. However, he said he believes the legislature eventually should address the cryptocurrency issue.

The model ordinance might be a place to start. It allows the development of crypto mining operations but sets standards for noise levels and appearance server farms would have to meet before they could set up shop.

“I think those who are seeking to move these here would be amenable to reasonable accommodations,” Hilton said.

Bob Sherrier, a staff attorney with the Atlantabased Southern Environmental Law Center, said he would rather let local governments regulate crypto mining operations than impose state control.

“Some industrial areas (suitable for a server farm) are next to residential,” he said. “It should be within the control of local government to say, ‘That area’s OK, and that area’s not.’ “

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