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asked him why he wasn’t at school yet, and he just said in a real calm voice, ‘Dad, I had to stop and help some people.’ Minutes later when he pulled up and I saw the blood all over him, I said, ‘Son, what did you do?’ And he told me the story, as if it was nothing.”

Reynolds showered and changed before rushing out the door once again with a biscuit in his hand, saying to his dad, “I have to get to school. I’m late for physics class.”

At school, he didn’t even mention the crash to the office staff when he signed in. No one had any idea that he had rescued two people that morning on his way to school — until people started asking questions, eventually revealing Reynolds’ secret.

Today, he downplays his actions, insisting that he wasn’t seeking glory, recognition or awards that day.

“That’s not why I did it,” he said. “They needed help, and I just felt that I had to help them.”

And you can tell that the impressive young man — who told me that he hopes to play football for Georgia Tech one day — means what he says. He’s just a humble soul — grounded, clear headed and determined to do good in this world. He’s convinced that he was led to the scene to be of service that morning — that there is a spiritual component to the events of that day. Why else would he change his course, his routine, especially on such a dark and dreary day?

“What do you think people can learn from what you did that morning?” I asked, as we were finishing up.

Reynold thought for a moment, lifted his head, and said, “Always — always — listen to the voice in the back of your head. Something told me to go a different way that morning, and I’m glad I did.”

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