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Toombs County Schools Announces District Winners

The Toombs County School System has announced their district winners for the Young Georgia Authors competition. These winners were recognized at the Toombs County Board of Education meeting on Thursday, April 11, and will now go on to compete against other district winners within their RESA area.

The Young Georgia Authors writing competition is held annually, as the state works to encourage students to continue to grow in their writing. Students within every grade of the Toombs County School System participate in this event, hoping to land a spot in competing against others in the area. This year, winners included: • Kindergartener Malone Kilgore, Toombs Central Elementary School, “Going on a Mermaid Hunt” • 1st Grader Jase Bate man, Toombs Central Elementary School, “The Magical Dragon Vs The Pokemon World” • 2nd Grader Olivia Milligan, Lyons Primary School, “Wolves” • 3rd Grader Ivy Wil kes, Toombs Central Elementary School, “The Key” • 4th Grader Allie Lawson, Lyons Upper Elementary School, “The Camp Trip” • 5th Grader Milly Grace McDaniel, Lyons Upper Elementary School, “Clone” • 6th Grader Sophie Ho, Toombs County Middle School, “Moving to America” • 7th Grader John Featherston, Toombs County Middle School, “Peaks” • 8th Grader Alona Wright, Toombs County Middle School, “The Girl Dragon” v9th Grader Sophia Tillman, Toombs County High School, “The Purloined Letters: A Grandfather’s Mystery” • 10th Grader Lily Ramos, Toombs County High School, “Time” • 11th Grader Summur Howell, Toombs County High School, “The Other Half: Chapter 1” • 12th Grader Levi Worth, Toombs County High School, “Aphasia: Chapter 1” Toombs County Schools Superintendent Barry Waller commented on the successes. 'I am immensely proud of our district winners in the Young Georgia Author writing competition,” he emphasized. “Their remarkable talent is exemplified through their creativity, passion, and dedication to the craft of writing. Congratulations to these talented students and their teachers for their outstanding achievement as they represent our schools and system well.'

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