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Peiffer Memorial Arboretum and Nature Preserve protects nearly 35 acres of trees.

There is a memorial to Sharpie with her picture and propeller blades of a P-38.

There are no living relatives; her family moved to Nevada and only returned in death.

I kicked gravel at the field where she learned to fly, dropped a rose on her grave, and tried to touch as much of her life as I could.

A collection of clippings and memorabilia hang in the lounge of the Evelyn Sharp Airport, with more at the public library. Those who know her name become fewer each year.

In her home near Birmingham, Nancy Batson Crews showed me pictures of grandchildren and candid photos of young Sharpie. Nancy’s memories were wet.

The WASP’s are almost forgotten.

At least Sharpie is not forgotten. I remember and now you do as well.

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