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that the racist post was the work of Clanton.

Now that Thomas has hired Clanton, liberals have shifted into high gear.

With all the supposed concerns of the left about racism, none seem troubled or confused by the allegation that a Black judge — no less the most prominent Black jurist in the nation — would hire a racist.

How does that compute?

The answer is that in liberal eyes, Black conservatives “ain’t Black.”

Certainly, a Black conservative as sophisticated as Thomas could in no way be Black.

And therefore, he could even be a racist and sympathetic to racists.

Absurd? Of course. Is it demeaning and insulting to Thomas? Of course.

Liberals are not only very tolerant of sloppy thinking. They are also tolerant of sloppy journalism.

Mayer’s latest coverage, which she first reported in The New Yorker in 2017, appears under the headline “The Scandal of Clarence Thomas’s New Clerk.”

What is the scandal? Thomas has hired Clanton “who became notorious in 2015 for apparently sending texts that said, ‘I hate Black people …’” “Apparently” is enough for Mayer and her liberal compatriots to convict.

When Pryor hired Clanton, who had a previous clerkship with Judge Corey Maze in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, seven congressional Democrats called for an investigation. An investigation was conducted by Chief Judge Debra Ann Livingston of the Second Circuit.

The end of Livingston’s investigation of the incident was a green light for Clanton.

Livingston pointed out that both Maze and Pryor knew of the allegations when they hired her, rejected their validity and found her to be highly competent.

As part of the Second Circuit investigation, Thomas sent a letter saying, “I know Crystal Clanton and I know bigotry. … Bigotry is antithetical to her nature.”

Thomas and his wife, Ginni, have known Clanton for years and Clanton actually lived with them for almost a year.

If she was a racist, how could Thomas not know it?

Yet despite this, liberal journalists continue on about him hiring a racist as his clerk.

When will we realize that the real racism belongs to liberals who see every Black American as a liberal mannequin, denying their uniqueness, integrity and individuality? When will we realize the disservice to Black Americans and all Americans in denying the humanity of Black Americans who are conservative?

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