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The roads are good in Phoenix, especially the Interstates. However, the traffic congestion is like trying to get through Atlanta at mid-morning. It is bumper to bumper and being stuck in traffic anywhere becomes an abomination for anyone afflicted with any degree of impatience.

I don’t get to Phoenix that often but even when time allows for a spring training visit to Cactus League games, I still prefer Florida. Naturally, it is closer and there is more familiarity with the people and the geography.

There are golf options galore in both states, but Florida’s courses are more appealing with palm trees and lakes than the rocks and cactus that prevail in Arizona.

If you don’t play golf, you can get your fill of fishing options. I remember snook fishing one morning with a former Georgia football player who lived at Ft. Myers Beach. The snook were biting and they are a handful when you hook one. Hooking an angry snook will give you the greatest of thrills.

After a nice outing on Greene Kelner’s boat, the next stop was for a Red Sox game. How nice.

Ft. Myers can offer a baseball fan two great options today. You have the Red Sox whose spring training ball park is identical to the dimensions of Fenway Park in Boston.

From Jet Blue Park to the Minnesota Twins spring training site, Hammond Stadium, is roughly six miles which is why American League fans flock to Ft. Myers for a couple of months of baseball, golf and fishing. I want to do that someday.

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