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BPC Barons Split Games

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Brewton-Parker Men’s Basketball faced Point (Ga.) for their Senior Night matchup on Wednesday at home. They then traveled to Thomasville for an SSAC matchup. vs. Point

The Barons (9-17, 5-13 SSAC) took down the Skyhawks (6-19, 0-17 SSAC) with a score of 70-57 to break a sixgame skid.

The Barons struck first with a trey from Jordan Johnson. The Skyhawks responded with a three and a layup to take a 5-3 lead at the 17:22 mark. Over the next six minutes, BPC found themselves winning a 9-4 stretch led by four points from Zsolt Boros to take a three-point lead with 11:47 remaining.

Point took a twopoint lead at the 9:52 mark with an 8-3 stretch. Over the next two minutes, Dre Burroughs and Johnson put up two points each, giving the Barons a 19-17 lead with 7:38 left in the half. Point took a 26-20 lead with a 9-1 run over the next two minutes.

A huge dunk from Grant Sanders sparked an 11-2 BPC run led by Sanders with five points to give the Barons a 3128 lead going into halftime.

The Skyhawks struck first in the second half with a 4-1 stretch in the opening minute to tie the game 32-32. Over the next three minutes, Brewton-Parker produced a 12-5 stretch led by Burroughs with six points and Lance Smith with four to take a 44-37 lead with 16:38 left to play.

Both teams went back and forth over the next four minutes, producing a 7-5 stretch for Point to cut the lead to five with just over 12 minutes remaining. The Barons found some momentum, as Johnson and Burroughs dropped five points a piece in a 10-0 run to go up 59-44 with 7:23 left on the clock.

After a 6-3 stretch, the Barons took the biggest lead of the night with Smith picking up four points to produce an 18-point lead with four minutes left to play. The Skyhawks found a little momentum at the end taking a 10-5 stretch, but the Barons were able to hold them off to take a 70-57 win.

BPC shot for 42.9% (24-of-56) from the floor, 33.3% (7-of-21) from three, and 57.7% (15-of-26) from the foul line. Burroughs led the team with 22 points and eight rebounds. Smith picked up 18 points while Johnson gathered 13 points. The Barons gathered 12 steals and forced 18 turnovers on the defensive side of the ball. Point won the rebound battle 39-27 as Sanders led with 15 boards. vs. Thomas

Brewton-Parker Men’s Basketball traveled to Thomas (Ga.) on Saturday afternoon for a Southern States Athletic Conference matchup in Thomasville, Ga. The Barons (9-18, 5-14 SSAC) were defeated by the Night Hawks (10-16, 8-11 SSAC) in an 83-72 road loss.

Brewton-Parker started on a heater with an 11-0 run led by seven points from Grant Sanders and buckets from Zailan Blue as well as Domanic Betancourt in the first three minutes of play. Thomas responded with a 10-0 run of their own over the next two minutes to pull within one point of the Barons.

Over the next couple of minutes, Thomas broke through the leading side of some backand- forth play with a 12-7 stretch of scoring that surpassed the Barons into a 22-18 advantage over BPC. Brewton-Parker leveled the score with two treys from Dre Burroughs, tying the game at 24-24 with 9:33 to play in the half.

The Barons leveled the game two more times before eventually recapturing control of the scoreline with a 32-29 advantage at the 5:49 mark. BPC was led by three points from Jordan Johnson and Blue in an 8-5 stretch of play.

Unfortunately for Brewton-Parker, the momentum shift was shortlived as the Night Hawks would go on a 16-4 run over the last four minutes of the half to secure a 45-36 lead at the break.

The Night Hawks opened the second half with a 7-0 run in the first 90 seconds to move to a 52-36 lead. A tip-in from Betancourt at the 18:05 mark sparked a 9-2 run for the Barons over the next four and a half minutes to pull BPC under a double-digit deficit.

Thomas outscored BPC 16-9 in the following six minutes of play to hold a 70-54 lead. The Barons followed up with a 10-1 run over the next four minutes to cut the deficit down to six.

BPC was led by six points from Betancourt and two from Kendall Norrington Jr. as well as Lance Smith. Thomas would eventually put together a 13-8 stretch of scoring in the final few minutes of actions, holding onto an 83-72 edge for a win over the Barons.

Brewton-Parker shot for 39.7% (25-of-63) from the floor, 25% (7of-28) from three, and 83.3% (15-of-18) from the foul line. Sanders led the BPC scoring efforts with 17 points, scoring 12 in the first half and five in the second. Betancourt followed with 16 points and nine rebounds while Blue scored 14. Thomas led the rebounding efforts with a 46-35 edge over BPC. The BPC defense gathered nine steals on 19 Night Hawk turnovers as Sanders and Smith led with three each.

Brewton-Parker will close out the regular season at Middle Georgia next Saturday for a 2 p.m. ET contest in Cochran, Ga.

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