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that if all power is given to the government to protect “the people,” all will be well. That promise always results in privation and misallocation, in tyranny and poverty.

Milei’s victory represents that realization.

So Leftists hate Milei. Now the media and the political Left will attempt to shovel all of Argentina’s failures on Milei’s shoulders. Milei still faces a partly Peronist legislature, as well as a court system stacked in favor of Leftist foolishness: The Supreme Court magistrate Horacio Rosatti recently said that any attempt to dollarize would be unconstitutional. This means that his power may be curbed; he still faces entrenched economic problems, and he will require an infusion of foreign capital in order to right the ship in Argentina. If he comes up short, capitalism and economic liberalism will be blamed for the failures of Peronism. That’s always the pattern: corporatists ruin economies, and then capitalism gets the blame.

But Milei can succeed. Investors ought to look south, to put their money where their mouth is, to ensure that Argentina realizes its potential as a massive source of prosperity, wealth and power — and that alliance with the United States grows stronger as a result.

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