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TCHS Graduation Rate Soars Above State Average

Courtesy of Toombs County Schools

Georgia's high school graduation rate for 2023 has shown improvement, with the state as a whole witnessing an increase in the number of students successfully completing their high school education. Toombs County High School is among the standouts, with a graduation rate of 95.2% which exceeds the state average of 84.4%. The 2023 Toombs County High School graduation rate climbed over 2% compared to the previous year’s rate.

Toombs County High School Principal, Mrs. Marissa Morris, responded to the graduation rate results and stated, 'Toombs County High School's four-year cohort graduation rate for the Class of 2023 has reached 95.2%, surpassing the Class of 2022 rate of 93.1%. This is the highest ever four-year cohort graduation rate for TCHS. This remarkable milestone reflects the dedication and hard work of our students, entire faculty and staff, parents/ guardians, and the entire community. It is through this collective effort that we can celebrate such an outstanding achievement and continue to strive for excellence in education, all while focusing on our overall vision of 'Creating An Exceptional Legacy.'

The graduation rate increase demonstrates the Toombs County School System's continued commitment to improving the quality of education and ensuring that more students successfully complete their high school journey. Toombs County High School demonstrates that with dedication and support, students can achieve their academic goals.

Superintendent Barry Waller added, 'Our district is committed to providing the best educational opportunities for our students. The exceptional graduation rate at Toombs County High School reflects our dedication to academic excellence and supporting each student's unique journey.'

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