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whose competitive nature was obvious, and I learned a lot from him. When it came to recruiting, he had the view that it was important to be yourself and know everything there is to know about the kid you are recruiting.”

Time spent with Dye and Terry Bowden was important in developing his own recruiting philosophy. It begins with his widespread contacts. Dell knows high school coaches all over the country and they respect him, his work ethic and his integrity. They know kids will be in good hands if they choose Georgia.

Finding out as much as possible with a high school prospect is given the highest priority with Dell, who makes it his business to find out who influences the prospect, who he listens to most often and who he seeks for advice.

Further, it is important to learn about the prospect’s work ethic, his character and his attitude about his academic status. Dell maintains rapport with kids when he signs them, even when he is not their position coach.

To learn about a kid as an athlete, he places high emphasis on videotape study. He reviews tape at his home office, even on the phone when he is on an airplane.

With an ability to relate to any kid, regardless of his background, Dell recruits the parents, too. He wants them to know their son’s best interest is of paramount concern for him as their coach.

“It is pretty simple,” he says. “When a parent gives me their son, I want to return him as a man.”

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