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MCMS/MCHS 2023-24 Dress Code



• Bu(on up, polo style, t- shirt, or blouse.

• May be solid, striped, plaid, or print.

• Must be appropriate size and fit to conceal upper chest, back, and midriff.

• Sleeveless blouses must extend to the edge of each shoulder. Cold shoulder tops are allowed.

• Must cover all undergar ments.

• Must be worn as de signed.


• Halter tops, spaghe(i straps, and tank tops.

• See through or mesh material covering a dress code violation.

• Crop tops must have un dershirts with acceptable length.



• Shorts, capris, pants, skirts, and dresses.

• May be solid, striped, plaid, or print.

• Shorts, skirts, and dress es must be at least fingertip length.

• Must be worn at natural waist.

• Must cover all undergar ments.

• Leggings, yoga pants and similar bottoms must have top that is at least fingertip length or longer.


• Sagging pants.

• Excessively tight and re vealing bottoms.

• Holes in pants above knee must be covered. * Admin discretion



• Bu(on up, zip up, or pull over.

• May be solid, striped, plaid, or print.

• Must be appropriate size.


• Trench coats or exces sively large jackets are prohibited.

• Used to cover up dress code violations.

• Hoodies on head in building.



• Must be worn at all times on campus.

• Must be properly secured and fastened (tied, zipped, velcroed, or snapped) if applicable.

• Closed toed shoes may be required for certain activities or courses.


• Cleats.

Logos and Illustrations


• Montgomery County spirit wear.

• Fashion labels.


• Anything associated with alcohol, tobacco, guns, violence, drugs, racial, sexual, violent, obscenities, or gang related activity.

• Anything creating a dis tracting or hostile environment.

• Words, gestures, or sym bols that could be offensive or demeaning to others.

• Logos or emblems sup porting other school systems.



• Sunglasses are for out side only.

• Hats are for outside or gym only.


• Curlers, picks, and combs in hair.

• Large chains or spiked jewelry, bandanas, shower caps, head wraps, and the like.

Administration Discretion

Administration retains right to make judgment calls in the best interest of the student and school to maintain a safe and orderly environment. Items may be confiscated as needed. Corrections to dress code may be allowed to protect instructional time, but disciplinary actions may be given to deter negative or repeated issues.

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