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could see the operator’s white teeth as he laughed at us. I rolled down my window and gave the guy the most helpless, pathetic, needy look I could muster, as if to say, “Please, man, please! Can you help us?”

The driver pitied us and gave us a couple of gentle pushes to get us out of there. Once out of that quagmire, Brownie purred like a kitten as if nothing had happened.

“See, there was nothing to worry about,” my brother-in-law said. “I bet he does that all the time.”

A trip to the landfill is always an adventure, even if you don’t get bogged down. Facing that sprawling heap of discarded objects a few times each year really makes you think. Well, it makes me think… I hope I don’t have to go to the dump again any time soon, but if I do, I promise you this: I won’t drive my mother’s beloved Brownie into the muck intentionally.

And a shout out to the Toombs County Landfill bulldozer operator who helped us last Saturday. You, my friend, are a hero!

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