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another stripe. But what better representation of a movement that has gone down the rabbit holes of such bizarre causes as insisting that males compete in women’s sports and minors get life-altering “gender- affirming care” that other advanced countries are turning away from as a terrible mistake?

Yet, it flies everywhere as though it were a quasinational flag with universal popular assent. Even U.S. government buildings here at home and U.S. embassies abroad are bedecked with the flag. If Republicans ever get unified control of government, they should ban this practice. The government shouldn’t be promoting boutique causes, and we already have a flag that includes everyone, that doesn’t require constant ideological makeover, and that isn’t an eyesore.

The Stars and Stripes should be sufficient for this and every month.

Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. ( c)2023byKingFeatures Synd., Inc.

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