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New Software Makes Obtaining Certified Records Easier

A trip to the county courthouse will no longer be required to obtain certified court and real estate records. Thanks to eCertification software, Superior Court Clerks’ offices can generate tamper-proof and self-validated certified copies of these records.

Citizens can purchase the eCertified copies electronically from the convenience of their home, their smart phone or anywhere they have internet access 24/7, 365 days a year. Customers can go to http:// to create a free account and to access services.

Upon processing by the clerk’s office, customers can receive the documents as secured PDFs or online. These purchased documents can be downloaded and stored for future use, allowing customers to maintain their own documents for multiple purposes and printing.

A fee is required for copies and is based on the number of pages in the document.

“Clerks have to sign up to provide this service, and not all clerks’ offices are participating, but my office staff loves it!” said Carol Bragg. Toombs County Clerk of Superior Court Nancy Pittman’s office is also providing this service. Montgomery County Superior Court Clerk Tammy Foskey said her office is not yet offering eCertification.

Another new service offered through the clerk’s office is the Filing Notification System (FANS) which provides Georgia citizens with tools to monitor activity regarding their property and records. FANS is a free, voluntary opt-in program that can be used to send electronic notifications of filing activity to individuals who create notifications in the system. To access the service, go to https:fans. For more information, contact Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority customer support at 1-800304-5174.

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