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that supreme confidence might lead to overconfidence. That is okay so long as the players don’t start drinking that heady wine. That usually happens with any budding dynasty, however.

You can look back in the history of sports and find how the mighty eventually fall. Oklahoma, with its 47-game winning streak in the fifties, established a record that would be the most difficult to break when you consider the available talent in today’s college game.

The New York Yankees of the fifties won eight pennants and six World Series, but it came to an end. When Vince Lombardi’s career ended with the Packers, suddenly Green Bay was no longer Titletown, U. S. A.

The Patriots, led by Bill Belichick, has won six Super Bowls, and lost three making him the most prolific Super Bowl coach in history. Who is to say that he won’t win another one before he ends his illustrious career.

Right now, however, pride notwithstanding, if you are a betting man, who would you bet on to win the next college football playoff? Who could bet against the Bulldog head coach?

To live in a college town and to be enraptured by college football, and experience winning as it has become under Kirby Smart is a rich and rare experience.

Since the domination of Texas Christian in Los Angeles this past January in Los Angeles, I have held the view that a “three-peat” is possible, but not probable but with this caveat: If anybody can, Kirby can!

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