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an’s private parts because, “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” Oh, really?

As for his zealots who continue to decry a stolen election, I would ask them if Trump was so all-fired popular, why was the 2020 election even that close? I don’t recall Ronald Reagan disputing either of his two elections in defeating Jimmy Carter (489 electoral votes to 49) and later Walter Mondale (525 electoral votes to 13.) Incidentally, in his 1984 reelection, Reagan won Georgia with 60 percent of the vote. With margins like that, there was no need to create fake electors.

I am sure all of this will get me the usual three categories of responses: Liberals irate at my taking potshots at a befuddled old man, Trump Harrumphs with their tiresome defense of the indefensible and then those of you who despair of either one being president again, as the above polls indicate. The bad news is that they may be our only choice in 2024 — a guy who thinks we have 54 states and one who is as divisive as he is smug. God help us. Please.

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