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The link between physical activity and mortality risk in older adults

A 2022 study led by researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that recreational pursuits that incorporate physical activity, including walking, swimming and playing tennis, may lower older adults' risk of death from any cause. That includes cardiovascular disease and cancer, which the World Health Organization notes are two of the leading causes of death across the globe. Running, cycling, swimming, other aerobic exercise, racquet sports, golf, and walking for exercise encompassed the seven different exercise and recreational activities researchers examined as part of the study, which utilized data from more than 272,000 adults between the ages of 59 and 82. The researchers found that achieving the recommended weekly amount of physical activity through any combination of these activities was associated with a 13 percent lower risk of death from any cause compared to people who did not participate in such activities. Though all activities were associated with lower risks of death, racquet sports seemingly provided the most bang for seniors' proverbial bucks, as those activities were associated with a 16 percent lower risk of death.

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