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Mamas Are …

The Advance

Mamas are doctors … We’ve kissed booboos and put more Neosporin and Band-Aids on cuts and scrapes than most doctors with degrees, and you’ve never received a bill.

We’re surgeons … We’ve removed splinters with such precise techniques that you wouldn’t even be sore.

We’re dentists … We’ve pulled more teeth with napkins and thread in a split second without Novocain at all.

Mamas are peacemakers … We’ve settled more fights and arguments than most bouncers at barroom brawls, and we didn’t even use nightsticks!

Mamas are cooks … We’ve cooked more meals and placed them on tables throughout the years and have not received a single tip.

We’re seamstresses … We’ve sewn on buttons and patched holes. A mama with a needle and thread can fix anything.

We’re lawyers … We have got our children out of more trouble than they could ever wiggle out of.

We’re nurses … We’ve taken temperatures, nursed you back to health from more flus and viruses than we can count.

Mamas are taxi drivers … We’ve hauled our children around for years and there was never a meter running.

We’re hairdressers … We’ve trimmed your bangs, combed and brushed your hair for school a many a morning. I think it would be safe to say that most of us have your very “first trim” in a plastic bag.

Mamas are maids … We’ve made more beds, cleaned more rooms, and picked up dirty clothes so much that you thought Merry Maids had come when you weren’t there.

We’re counselors … We’ve counseled you through heartbreak, unkind words and hurts so many times and we don’t even have a Ph.D. plaque on our wall.

And oh yes, Mamas are laundresses … We’ve washed, dried, and folded your clothes for years and years. (No telling how many washing machines and dryers we’ve gone through.) We wish we had a dollar for every load — We’d be millionaires!

Last but not least …

Mamas are teachers … Mamas teach love, kindness, honesty, and patience without saying a word. Our children watch us on a daily basis and learn from our actions. And although we’re all these other things, we are mamas, just plain ole fashioned mamas who love, sacrifice and care for our children each and every single day because that’s what mamas do!

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