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agreed to a budget deal with Democrats that included tax increases. Many believe his failure to get reelected stemmed from his betrayal of this pledge to his party.

Reagan, on the other hand, never budged an inch off his plans, promises and principles.

He was elected in 1980 during terrible economic conditions of so-called stagflation — high inflation and low economic growth. Reagan knew tough medicine had to be delivered to turn things around. His Federal Reserve chairman, Paul Volcker, clamped down on money to get inflation under control, despite this plunging the economy into recession.

Meanwhile, Reagan shepherded through major legislation to cut spending and taxes.

The recession resulting from the bitter monetary medicine clobbered Reagan in the polls. But he weathered the storm, refusing to budge on principles. And it paid off. The medicine worked, the economy bounced back in a major way, and Reagan won a landslide reelection victory.

The Republican field of candidates for 2024 is growing.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans today is that among Democrats, there is unity. There are, of course, legitimate concerns among Democrats about Biden’s age. But there is no question regarding support for what he stands for. Even socialist Bernie Sanders, who opposed him in the 2020 primaries, has endorsed him. Democrats don’t care about fiscal and moral profligacy. They like it and are not afraid to say it. This is who they are.

But Republicans continue to be all over the place despite the very deep, clear and, yes, dangerous problems confronting the nation.

We are drowning in government spending and debt with sluggish economic growth. Our big entitlement programs — Social Security and Medicare — are broken. Making them bigger with more government is not the answer. Real reform is. Our public education system is broken. We need parental choice. And our families are broken. We need real love, personal responsibility, traditional values and reverence for the sanctity of life.

The biggest favor that can be done for American voters is to offer them a clear choice between liberal and conservative visions in 2024. Democrats are doing their part. It’s time for Republicans to step up.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www. COPYRIGHT 2023 CREATORS. COM

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