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Yankees and the San Francisco Giants.

I was fortunate to witness Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle on the grand stage in the Bronx, the original Yankee Stadium. Unforgettable.

On other weekends, I could take the subway to Penn Station and journey to Franklin Field on the Pennsylvania campus and attend an Eagles home game. The train, although I don’t recall the tab, was cheap and Theron Sapp, who, like all the Eagle players, got two tickets to home games, arranged for me to sit with his girlfriend, who was not always the same girlfriend.

Jurgensen and Tommy McDonald were a hot passing combo in those years and the iron man on the team, Chuck Bednarik, lined up at center on offense and linebacker when the defense came on the field.

Am sure there will now be an incentive to organize a trip to see the Philly/Dawgs bond with the ultimate objective of winning a Super Bowl ring to go with the national championship rings they collected in Athens.

That would be fun, but there will have to be an impactful budget amendment compared to what it cost back in 1962.

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