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Have you ever noticed? Every one wants to sing at the church house but nobody wants to clean the church toilet. Even in the carnal world everyone wants to be a singer if you can call some of this so called music singing. Well anyway, even with many of the churches it has become more of a performance than real praises to God. They bring in these celebrity singers and give them loads of cash that could be used for greater service. Yet God really looks at none of that, because He looks at the heart. Not some outward performance. A young girl with cerebral palsy sang at our church and you couldn’t hardly understand a word, but yet there was a spiritual glow on her face as she sang from her heart. There was not a dry eye in the place and God smiled. Like the widow with the two mites which was less than a penny. That’s who He looks at. Oh, now man looks at the big performance. The celebrity status, the oratorical skills and the trained singers and on and on. But God looks at the anointed heart. I was preaching at the prison and the prison praise team and over 150 inmates were singing, “How great thou art,” and they sang with such spirit and heart felt anointing that the power of God was so real. The spirit of God was so thick you could have cut it with a knife as we say. Singing from the heart. Singing by heart as the old folks use to say. Oh how sweet it is when the lord gives you a song. Like the sister that was so burdened down and she was hanging out clothes and the lord gave her a song to sing and sing she did and her burdens just lifted away. As I was driving along one time so heavily burdened and with tears flowing down my face I sang a song God placed in my heart as his spirit flooded and filled my vehicle. Then as I visited this elder sister in the Lord as she was working around in the kitchen singing, “Farther along we’ll know all about, farther along we understand why! Cheer up my brother, live in the sunshine! Cause we’ll understand it all by and by,” and the Holy Ghost began to move! Oh how sweet it is! Can you say amen?


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