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Mount Vernon Bank Warns Customers of Scam

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Mount Vernon Bank is alerting its customers and the public about a recent scam sending out fraudulent text messages alleging that the phone owner’s debit card had been locked. According to Mount Vernon Bank President Alan Thigpen, several customers, and even some noncustomers, received text messages from an email address that appeared identical to the bank’s email address. These messages stated that the recipient of the message’s debit card had been locked and instructed the recipient to call a fraudulent phone number to share their 16-digit debit card number to unlock the card. Scam artists would then steal the debit card number.

“There is very little we can do about this scam besides alert people to it,” Thigpen explained. “It didn’t come from us, so it is hard to fix it. Scams are becoming so creative and effective; it is important that people remain vigilant and make sure to call their bank to ensure that these sort of messages are legitimate, especially when the bank is a small, local bank, like Mount Vernon Bank.”

Thigpen said that the bank does not text anyone regarding their account, and the only text that may come regarding a debit card asks for a verification of charges; it does not state that the card has been locked. “If you ever see anything questionable or suspicious, make sure you call (your bank) before you give any information,” he emphasized.

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