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Meeks Is Coach of the Year

Meeks Is Coach of the Year Meeks Is Coach of the Year

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Robert Toombs Christian Academy's Offensive Coordinator, Coach Matthew Meeks, received this year's Region Coach of the Year Award. The Crusader Offense accounted for 5,067 yards of total offense. The high powered, scoring offense is a gun option team that believes in spreading the ball around on the ground and in the air. The running game accounted for 3,024 yards and 31 Touchdowns.

Player Statistics for all backs are: Running Backs Justin Powell rushing for 1,070 yards, Running Back Elijah Baker rushing for 670 yards and Running Back Aaron Hankerson rushing for 500 yards through 6 games when a season ending injury happened to Hankerson; he was on track to be a 1,000+ yard rusher as well. The Passing Game is also a major aspect to the offense, accounting for 2,043 yards and 25 Touchdowns. RTCA's offense had a leading receiver in senior Jashaun Powell that accumulated 1,184 yards on the season. Junior Tripp Durden followed with 500 yards and Possession Receiver senior Andrew Tuck with 131 yards and a Touchdown.

Coach Meeks had this to say, 'Our guys have done a tremendous job with buying into our philosophy of being a 'multiple guy' offense. We are not designed for just one player to get all of the touches. We have taken pride in being able to share the wealth amongst our skill players, and they have done great accepting the idea that they will get their touches/carries/ catches and be able to all contribute to the success of our offense. Ultimately, it all starts up front with the linemen, and they did a great job of maturing throughout the season and really giving us the ability to be both a running and throwing team. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on a defense because they have to be willing to defend the run game as well as the passing game we are capable of having. We put a bunch of emphasis on making our guys good decision makers, and when we could show them the success of their decisionmaking, our overall team success increased. When the players buy in and believe in what you are asking them to do, calling plays on Friday nights is really fun and I owe all of the success we had to the players and their willingness to do all that we asked of them!'

Head Coach Jacob Lord, Head Football Coach and Athletic Director had this to say, 'I am proud of our program! Coach Meeks and our offense is fun to watch and even more fun to play in. Our guys enjoy our system and that is a testament to Coach Meeks and our offensive staff. We look forward to building on our accomplishments from this year, but we are a hungry program that understands the satisfaction comes from the preparation in the process, not the outcome of the games themselves. It is an exciting time to be a part of Robert Toombs Football.'

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