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continued from page were shuttled ….

continued from page

were shuttled off to Hapeville to the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home before eventually moving to the Baxley campus. Bobby, at fourteen, was deemed too old to be rescued by the orphanage. All eight grew up and led full, productive lives.

As the story unfolds, readers realize that Ray’s book is a story of survival, resilience and the unbreakable bonds between eight siblings who grew up taking care of one another. She gave these survivors a voice, and their story is finally being heard and contemplated.

They say that the atrocities of the real world are far worse than anything one can imagine, and I believe this is true. These accounts are harsh reminders of the extremes of the human experience. Though difficult to digest, we need to hear these stories and consider them so that we don’t make the same mistakes made by those who came before us. May we never turn away from the fragile souls who need us most. Ray’s book hits that point home.

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