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Recycling to Be Checked for Next Two Weeks

Citizens of Vidalia are being told to place their recycling carts out by the curb a day before scheduled pickup to allow Republic Services to check the contents of the cart to ensure that only appropriate items are being recycled. This practice will occur throughout the weeks of January 11 and 18. Last month, City administration received a notice that the Laurens County Recycling Center would not be receiving recyclables for a month because of contamination within current items in the facility. According to Laurens County Recycling Center Employee Ralph Brooks, some of the contamination causes included yard debris, metal, tires, paint cans, cords, tarps, fabric, and other common items.

Because of this, the City has not been accepting any discarded items to be recycled during routine pickup or at the Convenience Center on 111 Brinson Road. All previously collected recyclables should be placed in trash bags and the regular household garbage cans for collection purposes. Recycled materials may be placed in the carts, as administration plans to review the contents.

When Republic checks the carts, they will be making sure the proper materials are placed in the carts for recycling. If your cart is opened and has contaminated materials in it, a note will be placed on it as a reminder to make sure you only include the items that can be recycled. Those items include the following: normal cardboard with no wax, aluminum drink cans, milk jugs, and any plastic with a one (1) or a two (2) in the middle of triangle located on the item.

The City of Vidalia recognizes the importance of recycling and what it means to many of our citizens. Citizens are encouraged to be mindful of what is being placed in the recycling carts so that the recycling program may be continued. When items are recycled, it saves funds that would be used to pay landfill costs.

Republic Services will resume their regular pickup of recyclables on February 2. Following the February 2 pickup, the Laurens County Recycling Center will make a determination to allow recycling to continue or suspend (or possibly end) Vidalia’s ability to send the items to Laurens.

If you have any further questions regarding the suspension of recycling collection, please contact City Hall at 912-537-8718.

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