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Toombs Focuses on an Attitude of Gratitude

The Toombs County Schools Mindset for November and December is “Attitude for Gratitude,” as a part of the 7 Mindsets plan, which the school has adopted to work to help students grow not only academically, but also mentally, socially, and emotionally.

The Attitude of Gratitude mindset focuses on the importance of seeking the positive aspects of every experience and being thankful for all that you have. During the study of this mindset, students learn that they have a choice in using the positives or negatives of their lives to build the foundations of their futures. Teachers encourage students to choose the positives during the study of this mindset, as they explain that choosing the positives leads to extraordinary success while choosing the negatives leads to disappointment, resentment, and

suffering. Ultimately, the focus on the Attitude of Gratitude encourages students to focus on all the things they have, leaving no time to be distracted by what they do not have. For more information on this mindset, or on the 7 Mindsets program, visit the 7 Mindsets website or contact Toombs County Schools.

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