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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Jessica Chasmar, reporter for Fox News Digital: Stacey Abrams co-chaired organization that awards thousands to defund the police activists.

Abrams has sought to paint herself as a pro-police candidate ahead of the November election against Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. She notably tried to rebrand the 'defund' aspect of the defund the police movement as being one in favor of the 'reformation and transformation' of law enforcement, instead of the outright abolishment of policing. But Abrams also currently serves as a board member of the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation, which tweeted #DefundThePolice as recently as March of this year and #AbolishThePolice as recently as February. Abrams has received at least $52,500 in income from the foundation, according to her financial disclosures.

Spencer Brown, managing editor for Townhall: New York Times employees discover the effects of Biden's 'Build Back Better'…and they don't like them.

As Times staffers have been working in the comfort of their snuggies while keeping CNN's slumping ratings from completely collapsing, inflation has soared for nearly two years. Now, the sticker shock for those considering the reality of returning to the office is hitting and they have Joe Biden, and themselves to an extent, to blame. Well, elections have consequences.

Monica Showalter, writer for American Thinker: Biden's illegal migrant surge costs taxpayers $20.4 billion a year.

Which shows how dishonest and irresponsible the Bidenites are in their zeal to bring in illegal migrants and release them into the interior of the country. Some 29% of them are failing to show up to their immigration court hearings, even with Biden stacking the odds in favor of their approval to stay. That's a recipe for chaos — and more costs, from the border, entirely imported by Joe Biden, who should be held responsible for this off-the-books spending that was never directly authorized by Congress or the American people.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and co-host of The Five: Democrats think you're the real enemy.

Which sets the stage for more January six hearings, which the media embraces for its distractive power. Because when it comes to real issues, the Dems suck. Crime, inflation, the border. Like an electric car in California, they got nothing to run on except for you. They're going to run on you. You're the issue. You're the problem. And so the hunt is on. In the good old days, the bad guy would be a terrorist hijacker. Now it's just someone in a red hat. But I guess that's easier than having the FBI plan kidnappings.

Tucker Carlson, host of FOX News Channel’s flagship primetime cable news program, Tucker Carlson Tonight: We're looking at a war on the population.

In other words, no one has shown up with clear and reasonable rules and enforced them consistently. When that happens, everybody calms down. That's true in the family, and it's true in the nation. And if you don't have that, you have chaos. Armed robbers suddenly have a right to be on your property. Murderers get out without bail. What are we looking at? We’re looking at a war on the population, and it's time for real change. This is completely intolerable.

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