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Got a complaint? Got a compliment? Call Your Mind On Line at 537-6397 and let us know what’s on your mind. Quotes are printed exactly as they are called in and are not necessarily factual, but rather, callers’ opinions. Libelous, slanderous, personal attacks, and unfounded accusatory or lengthy comments will not be printed. Two calls per week per caller, and calls should not exceed 30 seconds, please.

“Schools are soft targets with defenseless and vulnerable individuals. Stop making them defenseless. Beginning in Pre-K, teach and practice self-defense techniques, without guns, to protect themselves and others. Build up their courage. Don’t leave our young people cowering in the corner, waiting for help.”

“To the person who thinks it is great that politician Stacey Abrams made a fortune in one year producing nothing of value. That is what makes the U.S. look like a third world country full of wealthy corrupt leaders, unfair laws, limited resources, and starving citizens. We are on our way there.”

“The students gathering behind the home side of the Vidalia High School football field need police supervision before something happens bad. A fight was there Friday night. Please supervise this area.”

“Notice to all property owners, especially senior citizens, widows and widowers on fixed incomes, please come to the meetings at 500 Bulldog Ave., Lyons, the Board of Education. They are having a meeting on September 1 at 11:00 and 6:00. With prices going up on everything, I can’t afford to pay more taxes. Please be there at the meeting.”

“When is the City of Lyons going to fix Wilson St.? It’s a real popular road. It’s got potholes and it’s been chopped and cut so many times. When are they going to do something about that?”

“The article about 5 vehicles being hit by a train, maybe the people who do the licensing should consider giving people a reading test. There’s a sign that says ‘Stop Here’ where big trucks have to turn at the intersection in Lyons at the red light and people have to park of the railroad tracks. If people can’t follow the rules, maybe they shouldn’t be driving.”

“Regarding the minor breaking in the cars and stealing, he should be charged as an adult, or his mother should be held responsible.”

“News media, y’all need to wake up and smell the coffee. This search warrant at Pres. Trump’s home. How can you redact what is supposed to be public record? You hide behind keeping the investigation safe. If the cops don’t have to tell you why they came to your house, folks, it’s over. You have no more rights. News media, y’all need to tote the water for the American people for a change.”

“To the person who thinks Stacey Abrams would do a great job for Georgia, you do realize she is corrupt and got big money from out-of-state donations that were then used for her own benefit. Please do your research. She is no good for Georgia.”

“What is going on at Walmart? I went there late Sunday evening, there was one cashier section open, the line for selfcheckout was nearly going towards the back of the store. Where are the cashiers, are they trying to make it self-checkout only?”

“What is the real reason for the violence and other problems in schools and the country today? ANSWER: The refusal of the federal government to allow and support the teaching of Christian principles in all schools. Students are being denied the spiritual, moral, and social development that they need to learn what to say and how to behave in a civilized society.”

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