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Team Herschel Launches 159 County Captains

Republican Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker announced on August 8 the names of Team Herschel 'captains' for all 159 counties in Georgia. These men and women will lead the grassroots effort in their respective counties to get Walker elected to the U.S. Senate.

Captains for this area include: Montgomery County, Linda Paige; Toombs County, Aries Haygood; and, Wheeler County, Laura Brownley.

'Since day one of launching this campaign, we've been focused on the people of Georgia and doing what's best for this state,' Walker said, adding, 'Raphael Warnock votes with Joe Biden over 96% of the time, including voting for the disastrous reconciliation bill that will hurt over 600 Georgia businesses and heavily tax Georgia citizens. He is clearly more interested in serving Joe Biden than serving the people of Georgia. 'I am so grateful to each and every county captain for stepping up to the plate and working hard for a better future in this state and nation. Every door that is knocked on, every Team Herschel sign in a yard, every bumper sticker on a car — matters. We are in this fight for the people of Georgia, and I'm not stopping for one second. No one can outwork Team Herschel.'

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