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man trophy presentation to the Rose Bowl to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Savannah, Uga has seen and done it all and will be at his smiling best when he leads the Georgia Bulldogs into action this fall in Georgia’s defense of the national championship.

In Cassie Wright’s gifted lens, you notice in the background a photo on the wall of Uga IV lunging at the Auburn receiver who taunted Uga after scoring a touchdown in 1996 at Auburn, the year of the first overtime game in SEC history.

The wall photo was taken by a female photographer who was on assignment from the Montgomery Advertiser. She captured Uga’s intent and Robert Baker’s fright perfectly which caused a flood of orders of the print. In those predigital days, the requests for the photo were so voluminous that the negative wore slap out.

This prompted Sonny Seiler, when that factoid was disclosed, to wonder aloud, “I’m a little surprised that so many Georgia people would want that photo.”

The photographer exclaimed, “Oh Mr. Seiler, it was the Alabama people.”

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