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Twenty something years later, every time I wax my lip or pluck the hairs in between my eyebrows (I certainly don’t want a unibrow), my mind recalls my niece’s sweet voice saying, “Aunt Amber has a mustache.” Every time. She meant no harm by her comment. She was just stating the obvious. As they say, kids say the darnedest things. “One time, Savannah looked over at Mom lying down on the sofa in the family room and said, ‘Look! Grandmother looks like she’s about a million years old!” my sister reminded me last week.

Ouch. That’s much worse than what she said to me.

Savannah’s a beautiful young woman now. She’s married and has a great job in Atlanta. And she’s kind, generous, compassionate and would never say anything hurtful to anyone. The next time I see her, I plan to scrutinize her face and see if she, too, has a mustache. And if she does, I won’t say anything.

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