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Tarrytown Pipe Bursts, Puts Citizens Under Boil Water Order

Twenty-eight households in Tarrytown were without water Tuesday afternoon, as a pipe burst within the city. After a day of searching for workers and parts, the pipe has been replaced, and those citizens are urged to boil their water.

Pollworkers at the Tarrytown Precinct, located at the Tarrytown Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 on Main Street, reported losing water around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21. “We had a few people stop and ask us if we had water because they did not,” Precinct Poll Manager Wendy O’Neal explained. According to Tarrytown Volunteer City Clerk Jean Kenney, the issue with the pipe was miniscule – it was the search for a utility company able to complete the project which took the most time. “Apparently, many of these utility companies can only work so long in this heat,” she explained. “Our water company had already worked 11 hours on Tuesday, so they could not do the repair until later Wednesday. It worked out, though, because all citizens have power again now.”

Kenney says the water boil advisory is mandated by the state, but that the water company servicing the issue completed several tests and did not discover any issues.

Confusion erupted throughout the county when an emergency alert was sent to all citizens to boil water, rather than specifically the 28 citizens of Tarrytown which the issue affected. “Tarrytown covers a large area of addresses, so to say that there is a water boil advisory in Tarrytown causes concern for more people than necessary,” Kenney explained. She said the issue was soon resolved.

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