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ing experience of visiting all the historical places. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House and the historical home of one of my favorite Americans, Benjamin Franklin.

That was the beginning of a tradition which has always brought excitement and fulfillment to travel. Sports can take you to many interesting venues, but it doesn’t have to end with a stop at the stadium. There is so many exciting opportunities to learn about a city or campus if you take the time to explore just a fraction.

Sometimes, depending on your schedule, and available time, there might be an opportunity to find a place to catch a trout or bass, maybe kill a few quail or a turkey. The summer of ’62 extended into the greatest highlight of my life. It concluded with marrying the prettiest coed I ever saw. We honeymooned at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville where I had a public relations job as an assistant. Enterprise can do a lot for you, regardless of the circumstances. I earned enough money to buy our first refrigerator.

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