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Democratic Runoff to Be Held June 21

The polls will open once again on Tuesday, June 21, for a runoff between Democratic candidates for the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Labor Commissioner, and Insurance Commissioner to determine who will take the party nomination for the General Election in November. This election is due to the lack of candidates receiving more than 50% of the total party vote in several races. There are no runoffs in local elections. State Representative Bee Nguyen (D-Atlanta) will face off with former state representative Dee Dawkins-Haigler to determine who will run against incumbent Republican Insurance Commissioner John King in the November 8 balloting. In the recent Primary Election on May 24, Nguyen garnered the popular vote, receiving 44.33% of the total Democratic votes, while Haigler took home 18.66% of the total. Former congressman and Atlanta City Council member Kwanza Hall will take on former prosecutor and 2018 Democratic nominee for attorney general Charlie Bailey for the candidacy for Lieutenant Governor. In the recent primary, Hall surpassed Bailey in popularity, gaining 30.16% as Bailey took home 17.63% of the total vote. The winner of this race will face Republican Senator Burt Jones for the Lieutenant Governor post in the fall. The Democratic nomination for Commissioner of Labor will be determined through a runoff between State Representative William “Will” Boddie, Jr. (D-East Point) and former workforce business owner Nicole Horn. The race was close between these candidates last month, as Boddie took home 27.67% of the total vote, while Horn garnered 25.12% of the vote. The winner of this race will challenge Republican nominee Senator Bruce Thompson (R-White).

Two insurance industry veterans will face off for the Democratic nomination for the Commissioner of Insurance, as former Democratic nominee Janice Laws Robinson takes on Raphael Baker. In May, Robinson led Baker in votes, as she gained 48.70% to his 33.08% of the popular vote. The winner of this nomination will face incumbent Republican Insurance Commissioner John King.

Who can vote in the runoffs?

To be eligible to vote in the run-off election on June 21, you must have been eligible to vote in the May 24 Primary and Nonpartisan Election. If you voted during the election last month, you must have voted a Democratic ticket to be able to participate in Tuesday’s election. Those who did not vote in the past election may also vote in the runoff because they have not declared a party for this specific election.

Those who wish to participate should travel to their assigned precinct on Tuesday. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The results of this election will solidify the candidates for the General Election on November 8, meaning there will be no more elections until this date. If any seat is not determined by majority vote during the election in November, a runoff will be held on December 6.

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