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Obama’s victory in 2012 that the election had been “all about demographics” and that the outcome showed the electorate wasn’t “reverting to the older, whiter, more male version Republicans had hoped for.”

What makes Sargent’s basic view different than Stefanik’s, other than the fact that he welcomes how immigration trends have changed our politics and she doesn’t?

Immigration has been hotly contested throughout our history, and is an inherently highly emotive issue, involving the composition of our polity and core questions of national identity. It can only inflame the issue further to explicitly weaponize demographic change, as the left has for decades now. We should have an immigration policy that serves the national interest, not the narrow interest of one political party.

Yes, by all means, further shun and marginalize replacement theory, but don’t support high levels of immigration for partisan reasons and expect the other side not to notice.

Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.

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