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Mitchell Wins District Art Contest

Luke Mitchell swept the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Auxiliary Young American Patriotic Art Contest, winning first in the local competition as well as the district level contest. “It is so important to instill in these young students the value and importance of patriotism,” VFW Auxiliary District 6 President Shirley Curl explained. “This contest, which includes a scholarship for winners, helps to make sure that is happening.”

Mitchell focused his patriotic artwork on the scene of a military dog mourning the loss of a fallen soldier. “Dogs are constantly being separated when the veteran dies, so the piece just represents the veteran walking away to eternity and the dog feeling that loss,” he explained.

He continued, “It is pretty cool to have won both competitions. I didn’t even know about this contest until a few weeks ago, so I’m proud of how well my art has done.”

Having received two checks for his victories in these competitions, Mitchell will now participate in the statewide competition, which will be between 8 district winners.

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