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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Spencer Brown, managing editor for Townhall: Senate Democrat tells Biden to stop blaming Putin for inflation.

His statement telling President Biden and his administration to get its act together and stop making excuses is hardly the first time [Sen. Joe] Manchin, [D.WV], has contradicted the White House. But his recent comments illuminate what's likely a common feeling among Democrats on Capitol Hill as many of Manchin's Democrat colleagues are set to face voters in November with little to show for their control of Congress or work with President Biden.

Julio Rosas, Senior Writer for Townhall: Byron Donalds: Biden doesn't get benefit of the doubt over disastrous border crisis.

As with the Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio Sectors, the Yuma Sector consistently experiences large groups of illegal immigrant crossings. As a result, Border Patrol is then regulated to mainly processing the people and not patrolling the region. This leaves many miles of the southern border in the area unsecured.

'They can fix it tomorrow, they chose not to. So you don't get the benefit of the doubt. If I have that information as a freshman member of Congress, you're damn sure the commander in chief has that information and he does nothing,' Donalds said.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and cohost of The Five: Gutfeld calls out 'unstable creeps' on social media.

So where is all this coming from? It's very sudden. You know, I get the adults. People like U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine transitioned from male to female in her 50s. Clearly, she thought a lot about it. So did Caitlyn Jenner.

We're not talking about that — we're talking about kids and what feels like a social phenomenon and not a biological one, a gender version of Tide Pods. You know, I'm doing it. Why aren't you? …

Kids are confused. They're vulnerable. They're scared, desperate to belong. Desperate to feel special. They still have to be told not to put their fingers in outlets. They're literally made for grooming. And who's doing it? Maybe check your kid's computer search history.

Kurt Schlichter, conservative political commentator and author: Defending American democracy requires we start by crushing the public school weirdos.

When they called you a “terrorist” for participating in democracy, they gave the game away. Activism works. Now we need to take it to the next level by not just going to school board meetings but by running for the school board. And we have to withstand the lies and slanders when we act. Ban CRT. Ban gender weirdness. Ban grooming behavior. Get rid of porn and propaganda. Impose pro-family, pro-American curricula in place of the Marxist dross masquerading as education nowadays. They will scream and they will shout. They will call you “Nazis,” “racists,” and “transphobes.” But guess what? They are already calling you “Nazis,” “racists,” and “transphobes.” Ignore their howls and protests; fire those who will not conform. Be ruthless — for your kids’ sake.

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